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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  November 22, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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a family awoke end by fire, a blaze quickly reaches two alarms in philadelphia's frankford section. how the resident who live there manage to escape. also, breaking overnight, police arrest a school bus driver following yesterday's horrific crash that killed six children. this morning the charges that driver is now facing. >> crews working through the night, this fire on mount penn under control. two things making the job harder for firefighters in reading. >> good morning, happy tuesday, everyone, roads are looking good. they're dry, but a lot of construction, and disable
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tractor-trailer and the vine, the good old vine. >> the magical closure that always sets me back extra four minute. i love it. >> yes. >> at 4:00 in the morning, shouldn't be an extra four minute of traffic. that's what i think. okay, so i digress. so, we're still dealing with some winds advisory hasn't gone out of effect but still very, very breezy outside. just don't have the kind of stuff that we experienced yesterday e look at storm scan3, things pretty quiet here locally. go bit up north and east, that same system is still churning northwest winds. still finding some residual light and very wimpy snow up across up-state new york, and also, portions of new england. but again, that's, you know, not the story for us, rather, just breezy, and our west northwest winds still cranking at 21 miles per hour at philadelphia international airport. so at 40 for actual air temperature buy here is how it feels, knock 10 degrees pretty much any time here today. it will feel colder than the
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thermometer reads. so what does this day look like? it is not as harsh as yesterday. but it is still pretty chilly. we evening out few additional degrees for day tie how many up to 48. brightening up little bit more for bit more sunshine, again, not as breezy but all of the things are still playing into this forecast today of the so bottom line here, meisha, i would say continue to wear the heavy coat. it is still required today. not as harsh. >> i had a big thick winter jacket and scarf and i was still pretty cold. >> brutal, right? freezing cold. >> thank you so much, katie. yes, heed that warning, it is very cold outside specially for the little ones going off to the school bus and for recess. also, that time of year where we have to think of our pets outside, as well. vine closed, east, westbound, our friends, the vine, slows us down in the morning, it is going to do the same thing today it, will get busy out there. tuesday's typically do, disable tractor-trailer, might need to help me out with the cameras, 95 north, near
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allegheny avenue. pulled off to the right lane, traffic still squeezing by. good thing it is on the northbound side, not the southbound side. thank goodness for that. this is absolutely an area that will get busy pushing into the 5:00 hour even the northbound side, something that will slow you down recalling we will be talking about a lot of construction coming up in the next ten to 15 minutes, back to you. >> fire officials trying to figure out the cause of overnight fire in philadelphia's frankford section. >> the fire grew to two alarm before firefighters got it under control. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joes spoke with the home own here had to scramble to safety. jan, good morning. >> reporter: rahel, jim, good morning, most certainly frightening night for the man and his family. i just spoke to members of the fire marshall's offers, as well, they are still here on scene, they tell me, it is much too early to determine a cause of this fire. but, they can tell us that the fire started in that garage, it was a garage fire, that extended to the home. the good news this morning, is that the family of six who was inside the home was able to get out unhurt. i spoke to the owner not too
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long ago, he says a philadelphia police officer passing by at the time noticed the flames and helped him get his family to safety. now, the fire here on the 4800 block of mulberry street started just after 1:30, the fire and windy conditions grew to two alarm err, the owner tells me he was getting drink of water when he noticed the flames. meantime, philly cop saw what was happening, too, and together, they ran through the home getting the man's wife and his four kids out including his one year old child. they are all okay this morning, the family is thanking that philly cop for their lives. the homeowner did not want to be identified. >> the cops helped me a lot. the cops, thank god, around here, see the fire, and he start running, i mean, thank god the cop is around here. >> some houses were evacuated just as a precaution. due to the smoke and the fire and the threat of fire spread. at this time i was told s
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residents were let in there, and to their houses at this time. >> the homeowner goes on to say that the damage is too great here. so his family cannot stay in this home. but he is thankful that he and his family have their lives. again, the fire marshall's offers is now investigating a cause. live in frankford, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", rahel, jim, back to you. >> jim, thank you. meanwhile, fire crews in berks county continue to battle brush fire on mount pen. this is video from reading magazine, the fire started around 5:30 monday night near reading high school. at last check, crews on the scene have request the more manpower to help fight that blaze. there is more image. tees are from the reading eagle last night firefighters were having hard time dealing with rough terrain and strong winds. we are told there are no injuries or damage to homes. if the wind die down little bit later we will will launch chopper three to get a better look. >> charges were filed overnight in the school bus
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crash that killed six children in chattanooga, tennessee. >> we're hearing that the driver is now in custody. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, guys, many remain still in the hospital this morning, frantic friends, family members arrived in the hospital in chattanooga tennessee shaken and sobbing, hours earlier school bus caring 35 kindergarten through fifth graders slammed into a tree and then flipped onto its side. the bus driver 24 year old jonathan walker has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of vehicular homicide, wreckless endangerment and wreckless driving. investigators are looking at the quote very, very strong hely as a factor in the crash. emergency crews worked for hours to remove some of the children from the mangled bus, many of them reported as dazed, walking away from their parents, some bloodied, laying on stretchers. this little boy was on the bus and talk about the driver.
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>> he -- he wasn't saying anything. he was going real face. and he hit a mailbox, then he flipped over, hit a tree real hard. >> walker is cooperating with police. investigators say a warrant has been issued to remove the black box and review video cameras on the bus. we're told whitt moore elementary school will be open today and counselors will be on hand for students and staff following yesterday's bus crash. jim, rahel? >> what a horrible story, thank you for that update. >> meanwhile, philadelphia police are investigating a reported home invasion in in mayfair. it happened on the 3400 block of welling ton street at about 11:00 last night. intruder reportedly pistol whipped a woman inch in the home. trapped a magazine clip inside the home. so far police have not track down the suspect. >> former youth leader charged with sexually molesting two children inside the church.
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michael wallace turned himself into detective and has been arrested. he served as youth leader at oxford valley chapel where 13 and 15 year old girl have claim he inch a prepare riyadhly touched them. >> we are truly very deeply sad ends over the recent event. we are fully cooperating with the police, an ongoing investigation, can't really say anything more than that. we do ask for the prayers of fellow believers. >> pastor says the former youth lead is her now longer allowed on the church's property. reached out to his attorney for comment, have you no not heard back. questions may be directed to middletown township police. >> gunman responsible for fatal double shooting in philadelphia's tioga section. two men were shot in broad daylight monday around 2:30 in the afternoon near 15th and venango. both men were rushed to nearby hospitals. one man was pronounced dead. the other man who was shot five times is listed as critical. if you have any information, you are asked to call police.
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>> president-elect donald trump surpasses the media and delivers an update on his transaction, straight to the american people. mr. trump took to twitter or youtube monday night releasing two and a half minute video detailing first 100 days in offers. in the video touches on policy plans in areas such as trade, reduced regulations and epic reform. president-elect trump will take the office in 60 days. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf vetoes a bill that would have, not sitting well with philadelphia's fraternal order of police. says golf works best when trust and openess exists between citizens and their government. john mcnesby tells "eyewitness news" he was disappointed by the governor's decision. >> i don't think it is too much to ask, you know, 30 day waiting period, you know, the investigation, not even complete, in three days, and they're supposed to release an officer's name. >> under the bill public
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officials with have been barred releasing the officer involved in a shooting until 30 days after the incident, the issue will be brought back up in january. >> and just days before thanksgiving and the christmas shopping season, more than 500 state employees are receiving layoff notices. the pennsylvania governor's offers says 520 employees will have received those notices by today. the reason, the state closing unemployment compensation service sent nerves allentown, altoona and lancaster. state leaders say they don't have the money to keep the centers open. the employees on last day on the job the 19th, and longer waits when calling the centers and slower claims processing. >> happening today philadelphia police holiday tradition. philadelphia's finest will be participating in the 47th annual operation thanksgiving. richard rot, and officers from the community relays cents unit, will be stuck in 420 thanksgiving backseats, to hold turkeys and tons every other holiday food. all of the money for the food donated by members of the police department. the basket will be distributed
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to recipients throughout the philadelphia area. >> well, don't look now, the sixers are winners of two in a low row, and their last four straight games at home. >> and joel embiid is leading the way. he has 22-point including two late game free throws, the sixers win over the miami heat 101 to 94. career high 32 points in match up of the top in the eastern conference, sixers put their wing streak on the line tomorrow night against the memphis grisslies at the well. >> robbery at center city bank. busy man picks up busy late afternoon to strike a branch on jfk boulevard. >> it didn't take police long to catch up with him. where they caught up with him, and what led to their quick after. >> group of children almost get hit by out of control police car. what sent the cruiser spinning moments before.
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breaking news, explosion in the heart every center city. "eyewitness news" has learned that a call went out for suspicious package at 18th and pine. that's in the rittenhouse square district. that package apparently exploded injuring one person. now, it is not clear who was injured, our trang do is on the scene getting more information, we expect to have a live report that's coming up in a few minute. >> unbelievable video near pittsburgh, take a look, group of children almost hit by out of control police car. the officer was chasing a stolen van, when the van hit him, sending him into a park car. the overside have minor injuries, and the van is still on the run. >> man who shot and killed san antonio police detective turned himself in and targets himself or targeted the police officer because every his uniform. investigators say tyrone mccain shot and killed detective benjamin marconi sunday. san antonio police chief says he was the man in the surveillance picture they released. he al popjoys dollars to marconi's family as he was led by reporters and said he was
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upset about a child custody battle. >> bank robber quickly stopped in his tracks in center city philadelphia, happened about four # 30:00 yesterday afternoon. man robbed td bank down on 1500jfk boulevard and quickly took off with a unknown amount of money. but, thanks to tracking device, burried in the stashed cash, police were able to find him at 16th and market streets, police immediately arrested the man and recovered the money. >> but another bank robber is still on the loose this morning, police and the fbi looking for this man, they say he robbed beneficial bank at 6400 block every woodland avenue yesterday morning. he handed a teller a note demanding money, received cash, and ran off. anyone with information is to call police. >> time now had 45:00. >> let's check in with katie and get another check of the forecast, i i understand, not quite as windy as yesterday? >> still enough it requires nice heavy winter coat, yes. even though it is easing up little bit, it is not really and necessarily a lot of relief for in you that regard, but if you're a ski lover, this is like magic to your
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ears, and, you know, wonderful to look at, as the slopes are now beginning to get covered by the fresh powder here, not only man-made, but also nature made, as well. this is blue mountain, pocono camera network. we will continue to feel that chill here across the poconos, and everywhere else yet again for another day. now, we still have the very same system still sitting and spinning off the northeast at this point any lake enhanced snowfall pretty much confine, off lake ontario here, still extending into northeastern pennsylvania, how much, we here at home are really just going to see some sun, some clouds, mixture what we saw yesterday, again, just not as windy nor as harsh on the thermometer. but still cold, but not as bad. storm system starting to gather some strength. pulling in some of the moisture from the gulf of mexico. all the way up toward the red river valley. here are the red river basin i should say up in the dakotas, minnesota. ice, snow, rain, all a theme up that way. that's the same system that eventually crosses our area, but looks a lot weaker by the
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time it reaches us. we hit 48 today. still windy, still chilly, gusts easily into the 20's, if not 30 miles per hour. still brisk, cold tonight, we bottom out to 32 degrees once more, looking forward, yes, start to rebounds from here, we get you in the mid 50's, both thursday, friday, as well as into saturday. watch for shower or two on thursday but both "black friday", small business saturday looking good. >> oh, katie how nice to have the 50's over thanksgiving. i won't get to enjoy it, i'll be in minnesota where it is 10 degrees, freezing. we have disable tractor-trailer here 95 north near allegheny avenue pulled all the way off to the right. you can see the flashing lights and yes, even though this is in the northbound direction, this will absolutely slow us down. i would say around the 5:30 mark. already, as you pass by, getting little bit of gaper delay. tapping your brakes, slowing down just little bit. heads up, moving in the northbound direction, southbound looking good. the vine was closed overnight for construction, now app open, westbound, eastbound,
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looking good on the vine. construction route one northbound at oxford valley. now i want to pull your attention to this accident in north wales. hancock road, prospect avenue. we have our first accident of the morning. maybe an indicator of things to come. it is very cold, very windy. give yourselves extra time today. we have a lot of construction, pa turnpike eastbound between willow grove, bensalem, right lane blocked. and a little bit more construction on 42 southbound between route 55 and 295, and we have even more coming up in a little bit. jim, rahel, back to you. >> thank you so much, meisha. thanksgiving with co-workers? >> apparently more americans will spends it that way. that in our money watch report.
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>> jill, good morning, so amazon, looking to expands its streaming service again watch are they working on now? >> reporter: so, amazon could be working on a deal to live stream program g, wall street journal reports amazon wants
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to create premium sport programming package for its prime subscribers, they report that amazon currently topping the national football league, major league baseball and the national basketball association about caring live games. jim, rahel. >> that's big. >> well, now, jill thanksgiving, two days away. this year we understand more americans will be spending the holiday with their co-workers? >> reporter: it is true, new survey is suggesting more employees will spends the holiday with co-workers in year, than ever before. according to career builder, 28% of workers plan to celebrate the holidays with colleagues, either in or out of the offers. that is up from 20% last year. about 22% of employees say they do have to work on thursday. jim, rahel, will you be working? >> i will be working, and i asked jim if i could come over, but, jill, he told meal i cannot. >> well, because i won't be home. i'm out of town. >> jim? >> i'm out of town! i've got seniority, i've got
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send or at this, number four in seniority, i'm enjoying my thanksgiving. >> you deserve it. >> thanks, jill, we'll check in with you next hour. women, expect another cold commute this morning. >> but, some good news, katie says it, won't be as bad as yesterday. her forecast next.
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>> today still breezy, still chilly, certainly still worthy of the heavy winter coat. not as bad as yesterday. still deal with the wind, making you hug the winter coat little tighter. nice quiet beginning to the day, much like yesterday was, just again, still pretty breezy outside. we take quick peak at storm scan, one more time, you know,
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localized little level. not much to report. still cloud cover overhead. it is cold outside. and, you know, even though we've got the clouds, certainly damage done here. so what you're going to find today, gusts to up 30. tonight it is easing up little more. shouldn't be as gusty, come tomorrow, okay, still have northwest wind at 10 miles per hour, but that is sort of light breeze. nothing more than that. progressively getting better here at least through tomorrow. new storm system however that crosses our area on thursday. pretty moisture starved by the time it reaches us. i do think you'll see few showers on thanksgiving, but you know, we have very busy couple of travel days coming up both today, tomorrow, at this point, say for the winds, looks like the wet letter certainly cooperate. meisha, over to you. >> katie, thank you so much. and a lot going on outside right now. i take you out there right away. deaths able tractor-trailer 95 north near allegheny avenue. the right lane compromised. penndot whipping around, hopefully getting cleared out of the way. looking at interstate 95, pushing in the northbound direction, and it was starting to look very slow there. but it does look little better there.
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also, we have an accident this morning, north wales. hancock road, prospect avenue. head up. that's still out there. i also want to pull your attention to explosion that has happened in center city near rittenhouse square. so this is at 18th and pine, roads are closed around the area, we will be bringing you more information as soon as we get it, jim. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", updating breaking news, explosion over night in center sit. >> i going for chicago for your thanksgiving destination, the all clear, at one of america's busiest airports now. we will be back at the top of the hour.
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>> breaking right now, explosion rocks center city injuring one person. live picture near 18th and pine. "eyewitness news" has learned call came out first as suspicious package, and that package then apparently exploded injuring one person. the bomb squad is on the scene as police block off the area. this is also shutting down several street, in the heart every center city. we have live report coming up. >> and new this morning, fire tears through home in frankford, what impact the weather may have had in fighting that blaze. >> a brush fire, this one at mount penn. what complicated the firefighter's battle against the flames. >> breaking overnight, the investigation into a deadly crash of a school bus, leads to the arrest of the bus driver. well, today is tuesday,
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november 22, good morning everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel son man. a lot of news to get to. first a check on weather and traffic with katie and meisha. >> rahel, talking about the explosion in sent city it will absolutely slow you down, lots every roads are closed, talking about that coming up in a little bit. also, couple of accident out there, a lot of construction to get to. >> luckily at least the weather still pretty cooperating, still pretty coal. if you find yourself waiting for a bus or treanor standing on a platform you will want to have the heavy winter coat at the ready here. even though not as harsh as yesterday was, it is still cold. talking temperatures at best only top in the 40's yet again here today, talking wind gusts still peak around 30 miles per hour, and with the chill in the air, going to feel a lot colder than that, too, so storm scan remaining nice and quiet generally speaking, one zoom out, actually still lake enhanced snow falling across far, far northeast pennsylvania, i don't think it even messes with the majority of the poconos here down toward the i80 corridor, really left


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